Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Long Term Vs. Short Term

I initially started this blog based on a strategy I was using to take advantage of short term quick-scam HYIPs, but simply couldn't keep up with the fast pace and amount of time it took to stay up to date.

In the past few months I've realized that many other people out there are probably just like me in this case. Even though my strategy works well enough, there probably wouldn't be many people who could apply it.

I've also spent a lot of time investigating longer term HYIPs and the benefits associated with them.

The main benefit is that the time constraints are very minimal and many of the same principles I applied to the short term HYIPs can apply here as well.

In fact they are pretty similar all across the board except for one thing which is common sense. It takes longer to generate profits from the long term HYIPs.

So if you have a little bit of patience, even if you have very little time, long term HYIPs can turn out to be very profitable.

I'll be trying to keep this blog updated with more information about long term HYIP investments as I continue to investigate.

Stay tuned to this blog.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Blog Can Still Be A Great Reference Tool

Well it's been quite a long time since my last post on this blog. I basically got burned out awhile back and had too much other stuff goin on in my life.

I would love to get back into the game seriously again but unfortunately I still don't have that kind of time.

I just wanted to update this blog and say that it can still be used as a great reference tool to anyone interested in applying strategy to HYIPs to increase your odds of being successful.

So please take time to go back over past posts of mine. I feel I outlined a very reasonable strategy that you yourself could carry on or build upon.

As for future posts, they won't be frequent but I may start posting random tips and ideas and opinions of mine, to keep this blog from dying out completely.


Friday, August 18, 2006

I Guess You Could Say I Took A Vacation...

...a vacation from this blog anyway.

Sorry but I just got really overwhelmed and never got around to posting for the last week. I also began a new project that has taken up a lot of my time.

Like I've mentioned before, HYIP investing takes a lot of time and is somewhat stressful as well.

I've thought about retiring this blog and just leaving it up as a reference since I have collected and posted quite a bit of helpful information but I don't think I'm done quite yet.

What made this worse was that I just started an investment in (which turned out to be a scam, I'll write more about that later today) so I'm sorry I left you guys hanging there.

I don't think I'll be doing too much HYIP investing from now on but I may post other information about HYIPs along with the odd HYIP I join now and then.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

HYIP Update, 8/13

I was paid by On-LineEarn today.

On-LineEarn, Day 1

Started Aug 11, 2006
Running days 2
Total accounts 250
Active accounts 40
Total deposited $ 656.00
Total withdraw $ 14.85

Everything is going great so far. The payout to deposit percentage is at a very tiny 2.3% and they are still advertising on TalkGold.

I have earned $1.25 in ref commission and will be reinvesting it along with my $11 in earnings. Unfortunately for some strange reason they do not allow you to reinvest with your account balance so I have to wait to get my withdrawl to eGold before I can reinvest.

This is very inconvenient and I have no idea why they don't allow you to reinvest from your account balance.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

HYIP Investment Number 7

I have decided to invest in

This HYIP is a little different in that it is based off of rounds. In other words it will go until the payout to deposit percentage is at a certain point (In this case 90%) and then stop and restart with a new round.

It truly is a very interesting concept and eliminates the admin running with the money factor involved with most HYIPs. I am very optimistic about this type of HYIP but really am not quite sure how it is going to work out.

Since I don't have to worry about the admin running with the money I will also have to play it slightly different.

There wouldn't be much difference except they already completed round one and just started round 2.

My stats:

eGold Balance: $169
Investment: $20
Percent of Balance: 11.8%
New Balance: $149

First Round Stats:
Started Aug 4, 2006
Running Days 7
Total Accounts 224
Active Accounts 150
Total Deposited $4,476.30
Total Withdraw $4,032.23

Second Round Stats (Current Round):
Started Aug 11, 2006
Running days 1
Total accounts 243
Active accounts 35
Total deposited $ 582.00
Total withdraw $ 0.00

I have invested $20 in the 55% daily for 2 days plan. If you are going to invest be sure to do so in this plan. You will make a lot more doing this for 3 days than to do the 3 day plan that they have.

I debated about the amount I was going to put in for a few minutes because it almost feels like I'm going in blind but there are some strong positive factors that pushed me to spend $20 instead of less.

These factors include a banner advertising campaign on the TalkGold forums. Today was the first time I saw their banner. Plus they have great positive support in the forums. I feel this round will grow bigger than the first with more members joining from ads and word of mouth and feel that it has a decent shot of lasting longer than the first round which if it does I will be making some very good profits with this.

With this type of HYIP it will much easier for me to determine how the change in payout to deposit percentage affects my reinvestment.

I think this will be very fun and profitable. I can't wait to see the results.

The best news is that I can continue to play this same HYIP over and over again as new rounds start and won't have to jump to new ones all the time.

Friday, August 11, 2006

You MUST Do Your Own Due Dilligence

Before deciding to invest in any program that I currently am in your MUST do your own due dilligence.

I have heard from a couple people on the forums who are disgruntled with me because they lost money in the HYIPs I joined myself.

The problem is that HYIP investments change really fast with the type of programs I am dealing with so I can in no way guarentee a HYIP is still a good investment at the time you join.

This is why you must do your own due dilligence to determine if it is still a good investment.

Please don't take the HYIPs I list as 'picks' that are likely to succeed. I only list the HYIPs I have joined and do not recommend you join them too. That is completely your decision.

Remember that to succeed in the HYIP market you must put in the time and effort yourself.

If you can do this, you can succeed.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Strategy Update

Up to now I feel my strategy has worked better than I originally expected. Granted I've only participated in 6 different HYIPs I still feel this is enough to prove that I'm at least on to something with my strategy.

Overall I have won money in 5 of the 6 HYIPs I participated in and the one that I lost in I lost because I got too cocky and went off my strategy.

Since the last update I've accumulated the following profits after fees:

SolaHYIP: $2.35
AlpsFinance: $4.79
FirmHYIP: $8.60
Ref Commission: $1.2
Total new profits: $15.8

Overall Profit: $18.9
Overall Ref Commission: $4.2

My profits now total $18.9 and since I currently have no active investments I have about $169 in my eGold account.

This means that using my HYIP investment strategy I have turned $150 into $169 (excluding ref commission) or achieved a 12.6% profit in only 18 days.

Think about that return for a second. That is absolutely amazing for only 18 days. Now imagine if I had invested in twice as many HYIPs and won in 10 of 12. That profit could possibly be double to 25%.

I am very pleased with my strategy and just wish I had more time to invest in HYIPs because I feel I could increase my account balance much, much faster.

Oh well... at least this shows that my strategy does work. I just can't wait to see what my success is like after 100 HYIPs.

FirmHYIP is a Scam

I apologize for my post yesterday, it made it seem like FH was still legit when in reality it had probably already stopped paying.

I should've taken the time to check the forums to see what people were saying about it.

I'll try to keep something like this from happening in the future.